stoke certified

We’re stoked to announce that we are officially certified by STOKE.

From day one and throughout our journey towards sustainability, we have developed comprehensive sustainability management plans to ensure that we are protecting the places we love to surf and the people living in Zonte.

In summary, we achieve this (among many other things) by effectively eliminating liquid and solid waste, utilizing available renewable energy sources and reducing our carbon footprint, collecting and conserving rainwater, contributing to environmental conservation, paying fair wages through legal contracts with benefits, supporting local businesses, participating in local cultural activities, respecting local customs, and applying proper surf etiquette.

Our Commitment

Palo Verde means “green branch,” which refers to our dedication to preserve the beauty and health of the ocean and the beach here in El Zonte. We strive to limit our impact on the ocean and the planet by taking steps to properly manage and minimize waste and to conserve water and energy.

We are also committed to contributing to the local and national economy by investing in an underdeveloped area and generating new jobs, improving services, and attracting other investors who share our vision of long-term, sustainable business practices

We follow all government regulations and go beyond; we have transparent financial practices and are helping to elevate the local economy by buying local products and hiring and training local staff.

Ultimately, we believe in a business model based on the triple bottom line of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

SOCIAL Sustainability

Social sustainability goes hand in hand with equity. Having the ability of eliminating poverty and making sure all different social strata equally benefit the fruits of economic growth is what we stand for. At Palo Verde we promote and encourage a way of working and living that stimulate economic, political, cultural and gender equality amongst all people.


  • We create direct and indirect employment for the inhabitants of El Zonte and the surrounding communities.
  • Our team strongly represents gender equality and excludes discrimination based on race, religion, age, etc
  • We have one room that is designed for people with special needs and offer the necessary logistics when needed.
  • Strategic alliances with NGOs to carry out community projects.
  • We are investing in Fomilenio II to contribute to the project that is building a sewage and water treatment system in El Zonte.
  • Women empowerment programs.
  • We support employees by providing them scholarships and we will sponsor local surfers.
  • We arrange flexible schedules for our employees so they can attend their English classes, go to university or carry out other activities that help them grow personally and professionally.


    Economic sustainability refers to practices that support long-term economic growth without negatively impacting social, environmental, and cultural aspects of the community. We promote the rational use of economic resources such as raw materials, water usage, and energy. This means we implement the maximisation of the benefits of our resources, while minimizing the use of them. Its goal is to achieve, by means of a model conscious of economic development, a certain level of social well-being that assures access to a good standard of living and guarantees the same opportunities for everyone of the community.


    • Working towards economic growth and distribution of wealth.
    • Creating new jobs for the locals.
    • Contribution to GDP through the injection of foreign currency from abroad.
    • Social development that increases the quality of life of the community and its inhabitants.
    • Generation of decent and quality employment.
    • Activation of sectors of the national economy.
    • We buy products and services from local micro businesses to support them.


      Environmental sustainability is the efficient and rational use of natural resources, without compromising the ecological balance. Environmental sustainability automatically means that the use of our natural resources should not harm, nor limit the needs of future generations that live on our planet.


      We stand on spreading the green message, raise awareness in our daily lives and continuously sensitize and educate the people that surround us.

      Palo Verde has policies for water, energy and waste to reduce the ecological footprint in the tourist industry.


      • Efficiency: LED lighting, natural lighting, efficient A/C.
      • Artificial lightning is replaced by sunlight, as rooms have been architecturally designed to allow the sunlight to naturally enter the rooms during the early hours of the day.
      • We use the warmth of the sun to dry out the bed linen and towels, if the weather allows it.
      • Hot water is manually turned on, only by request of our hotel guests.
      • Vendors are local or their products are made in El Salvador.
      • Most of the employees come to work by foot or by bicycle, so that zero fuel goes to waste.
      • Solar panels


      • Solid waste recycling, reduce and reuse program
      • Low to ZERO consumption of single-use plastic
      • Beach cleanup 3 days a week year round (currently due to Covid-19, this practice has been reduced to a couple of times per month.)
      • Alliance with Let´s Do It – a NGO that coordinates and supports beach cleanup events.
      • L´Occitane shower kit of shampoo, shower gel and conditioner in eco refill presentation.
      • Zero use of plastic in the rooms. We use ceramic or crystal instead.
      • Plastic straws and stirrers have been replaced by metallic ones.


        • We are conscious of our water usage and its cycle, and installed a wastewater treatment plant. This system filters and stores rainwater to use it in our hotel facilities, such as our showers, toilets, etc.
        • In winter, we replace the PH chemical that is characteristic to the rain to regulate the acidity level of our water.
        • The entire architectural system of the hotel made sure we have channels under the hotel that recycle the water so it can be reused efficiently in our bathrooms and showers.
        • Since El Zonte has a general shortage of water, we moderate our consumption of water by only providing hot water by request, by using our water tanks, and by implementing a grey water treatment plant approved by the MARN (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources). Every room gets a glass jar of drinking water to promote the conservation of this resource.
        • We promote a fair and rational use of potable water used in our kitchen and bar provided by our community. All toilets work on efficiently reused water.